Anti-Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is an ever increasing human rights issue. Churches In Action recognizes the need to address this issue and is working with various agencies to bring the information to and educate the faith community leaders.

We are actively working with The SoCal Faith Coalition against Human Trafficking as we hold a series of conferences to educate what Human Trafficking looks like, how to speak to it, and various other conferences designed to grow faith communities to a place where we as a coalition can and do truly significantly reduce Human trafficking to almost non-existent.

At Churches In Action, we have been actively working with Law Enforcement and other organizations to train and help people to be aware of, recognize the signs, and know who to contact and how.

Human Trafficking now exceeds drugs as a major money maker. Human Trafficking involves boys, girls, men, and women. It may be as a sex worker, or other forms of forced employment. It may be as a forced partner.

Human Trafficking involves of 45 million people and generates Billions and Billions of dollars in revenue for those who are doing the trafficking. This is a blight on society and destroys millions and millions of lives.

We must all work together to stop Human Trafficking