Churches in action is now accepting donations for our humanitarian efforts. Celebrate the Easter season by giving. CTA button Donate Now (3)
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Churches in Action is now accepting financial donations to provide grocery gift cards to families in need.
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Our visit to Cumbres del Rubí, Tijuana, Mexico.
Join us in helping the families rebuild their homes.
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We’re reaching across church walls to reach our neighbors
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Churches in Action is a Christian institution that was started in Los Angeles, California by Bishop Juan Carlos Mendez. Churches in Action mobilizes year-round to reach the poor and needy. Locally, nationally and internationally, we are a vocal advocate for the hungry and displaced, traveling to every corner of the globe to help children and families in need.

Reach out beyond boundaries and inspire hope

People suffer every day from the world’s growing list of problems, and yet all it takes to make a difference is to show care and compassion. Reach out to us here at Churches in Action and we’ll help you reach those in need.

Disaster Relief​

The most critical time for aid comes in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Beyond the destruction to property and lives, food, clean water, and shelter are the only lifelines for victims to hang on to.

Energy Consumption

Global energy demand is projected to double by 2050. By helping others be more conscious about energy-use, we reduce both personal and environmental costs.

Community Service

The needy are not always in some far-away country, they are also our neighbors and we can do our part to give them hope during their darkest times.

Anti-Human Trafficking

There are tens of thousands of human-trafficking victims every year in the US alone, more than half of which are minors. Education and community action is the best way to keep our children safe.

Immigration Issues

One in seven US residents are immigrants, and even more, are descendants of immigrants. Most, if not all, are well-meaning and contributing members of our society and deserve a better quality of life.

Equality & Human Rights

Do onto others as you would have them do unto you. A commitment to peace and tolerance starts with a commitment to empathy and understanding that we are all entitled to the same rights.

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